Black ops shangri la

Bhusundra as she appears in Call of Duty Zombies.


Bhusundra is a fictional character in the Call of Duty Zombies storyline. She shares a minor role in the Call of Duty Zombies game. Her role being the first seen female zombie in the Zombies game mode.


Nothing too important is known about her life before the mysterious apocolyptic disease that hit her Tibetan village. Except the fact she had an on off relationship with Cetdan. She had two daughters with Cetdan. Her death was most likely caused by an unknown infection or disease that caused immense poisonous warts to rapidly grow all over the body. Her birth date is most likely 1987, and her death possibly occurs in 2011.


Her daughters' names are Xenopsylla and Bree-Sing-Ohe. They both do not appear in the Zombies map Shangri La. Although it is likely she forced them to flee the village after their Tibetan village was beginning to spawn the undead.


Due to her being a zombie, her abilities are limited signifigantly. But they include being able to kill a player with only two swipes (if the player has not yet acquired the Juggernog perk). Upon the completion of a round, her speed will increase to a sprint.

And like other zombies, she has the ability to respawn, bleed out, and have an unlimited amount of deaths.


• She is the among the first female zombies in the Call of Duty Zombies game mode.