Christian SchneiderEdit

Christian Henrike Kunibert Schneider is a former German Wehrmacht soldier who is a non-playable character in the Cod Zombies universe.

Life SummaryEdit

Christian was presumably born on June 17, 1916 in Burgkunstadt, Bavaria, Germany, and is most likely an illegitimate child to Liesl Schneider and an unknown World War l soldier. Born during the first World War, it is documented his mother fled Burgkunstadt, Bavaria to an unknown deserted German town. It is known that his childhood consists of studying, reading, and playing constantly with his sister, Ada (b. May 1920).


According to his zombie character model in Kino Der Toten, he most likely died due to severe head trauma around September 1945.


Annika Meyer (b. unknown)

It is unknown how his relationship with Annika went. But it is guessed that the two met during Christian's high school years.

Magdalene Hildegarde Becker (b. 1924)

Despite the eight-year age difference, this relationship was proven to be much more successful. Through Christian's letters, it is revealed they were a loving, and caring match. Through the discovered letters, it is revealed that while Christian was away fighting as a Wehrmacht soldier, Magdalene wrote to him, claiming that she had given birth to his child.


Christian has confirmed that he had not known of his illegitimate daughter's existence until the child reached nine months of age. And he had not been able to see her until well after her first birthday. But through a "vision" he decided to name her Lena Astrid Schneider (b. April 19, 1940).

According to several photographs of Christian and his daughter, it is estimated he had a strong relationship with his new family, despite Christian himself describing himself as "an absent and irresponsible father."


Through close friends, Austerlitz and Jeremias, it is disclosed that Christian was often patient, compassionate, and rather sociable.


• His creator, Yousha G. Tighe, was inspired to create Christian after witnessing a certain zombie character model from the Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies map "Kino Der Toten."

• In the Zombies map Kino Der Toten, he appears as a zombie.

• After death, his corpse was brought to Kino Der Toten theater in order to study the Element 115 on him.