Feodor Borislavitch Melovski is a character within ZombieRelish's crazy imagination, known as the father of Aleksandr "Alek" Melovski.


Feodor's early life is mostly unclear other than he was born in 1880 in Siberia, Russia. In 1908, he married Maria Gregorovna Ivchenko. The two were apparently inseparable, and had a son the following year named Nikolay Feodorovitch Melovski. On April 16, 1917, the couple had another son named Aleksandr Melovski, and a daughter named Matryona in 1919. He was apparently close with his two sons, while his relationship with Matryona was somewhat distant. Likewise, Maria's relationship with her sons were sour while she got along best with their only daughter.

He most like died in 1958 at the age of 78; thirteen years after his son, Aleksandr, died.