Family portrait by zombierelish-d6r8b1y

Friedrich (left) with his wife, Elisabeth, and daughter, Annaliese. Date unknown.

Friedrich Muller is the name of a zombie that appears in Area 51 in the Zombie Map "Moon". He is the protagonist of one of Yousha G. Tighe's many stories.

Early LifeEdit

Friedrich Heinz Muller was born on August 3, 1923 in Bautzen, Saxony, Germany to Albrecht and Ingrid Muller (nee Schmidt). As a child, he had a good relationship with his father other than his mother. Until age six, his mother became jealous and clingy to young Friedrich. Ingrid and Albrecht divorced in 1930, with Ingrid winning full custody of their son.

The following year, Ingrid and Friedrich emigrated to the United States, and moved to Panaca, Nevada. Then in 1934, Ingrid met and married her second husband, John C. Cook, whom Friedrich had a good bond with. In 1936, he became the older brother of Franziska "Franny" Cook Muller. Despite their thirteen year age difference, the siblings got along well. Often riding their bikes, swimming, or doing drama.

Marriage and FamilyEdit

Since Friedrich was bullied by predominately male students, he became rather fixated on girls while a university student. At age twenty, he met his future wife, Elisabeth Hansen, at a summer festival in Panaca. Since Friedrich didn't get Mrs. Hansen's approval, the couple eloped on May 15, 1949. "I'll never forget how my heart leapt once I saw her in her wedding gown. She was so beautiful," Friedrich wrote (in a letter to his mother).

Friedrich supported his wife and home by finding a job at Area 51 in Groom Lake, Nevada, which was a job he rather disliked. Yet he acquainted his future lifelong friends, Maximilian "Max" Schlitz, Dieter Werner, and Leon.

After eleven years of marriage, Elisabeth gave birth to their first daughter, Annaliese Kirsten Hansen Muller, on May 18, 1960. It is known Friedrich and Elisabeth were very close to their daughter Anna, who recipricated the same feelings.


It is not certain how Friedrich Muller died as he does not have many visible marks as a zombie. Besides a hideous scar on his nose, and two deep lacerations on his forehead.


- Was often considered among friends to be a really "nice, laid back guy" who hated confrontation.

- Good friend, Dieter Werner, claimed out of all his friends, he'd least want to see Friedrich get hurt.

- Considered his wife and daughter to be his lifelong companions, and the number one reason he's alive.