Guo Jiang as he appears in Die Rise.

Guo Jiang== Guo Jiang is a minor character in the Cod Zombies universe, though he plays a much more major role as being one of the many Chinese zombies in the Zombies map Die Rise.


Guo Jiang is likely born on October 5, 2001.

He entered his first serious relationship at a young age, so he ended up getting a job as an office worker at age seventeen. Although he and his first girlfriend broke up, he continued working in order to support his somewhat dysfunctional family. At age twenty, while on a bus to his office, he met his second girlfriend, Yang, and entered a seriously romantic relationship.

Guo Jiang and Yang ended up getting married when Guo Jiang was twenty-one and Yang seventeen. Through this, they had a daughter named Xin Lan in late 2024. Throughout this entire time, Guo Jiang continues to work in order to support his new family.


Guo Jiang does not appear to have many physical marks as a zombie, making it rather questionable how he died. It is possible he became infected, and forced his wife Yang to run away with their child. As of 2025, his status is zombified.


Zheng Shui

It is known that Guo Jiang and Zheng Shui (b. 1999) were both good friends, to the point Guo Jiang appointed Zheng as the godfather of his daughter Xin.

Huang Di

Huang and Guo Jiang were very good friends, to the point Shanghai's residents knew how much of devoted friends they were. It is likely they met during their childhood years. Huang made Guo Jiang the godfather of his son, Mao.

Bao Zengqi

Guo Jiang and Bao's relationship is much more sour and disagreeable. As they both don't interact, and both Huang and Guo Jiang take time to make fun of how obese Bao looked in his SDC uniform.


• By the time of the release of Die Rise's first trailer, many people in the Zombies Community believed Guo Jiang was Marlton Johnson due to his similar shirt, pants, and hair.