Huang Di
Chinese Zombies BOII

Huang Di (first to the left) as he appears in the Zombies map Die Rise.


Was born on October 28, 2000.

According to Huang's parents, Huang since a young age aspired to be an artist, and was an avid gun-shooter since childhood. It is likely he was unable to attend college education for art since his son Mao was born when he was nineteen.

Despite his aspiration being shattered, he reluctantly took care of his newborn son along with his on-off girlfriend, Chen. It is confirmed that Huang ended up having a good father-son relationship with Mao, and would often take him to gun ranges to teach him to fire weaponry. During 2024-2025, Huang was forced to take part in the Chinese military (SDC).


According to reports, Huang was shot in the chest during battle. But when Richtofen's Grand Scheme was accomplished, he, along with all of Shanghai's residents, were reanimated into the undead. His status as of 2025 is zombified.

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