Mao Xin DiEdit

Mao was the illegitimate son of Chen and Huang Di. He does not appear physically in the Zombies map Die Rise.


Mao had a good relationship with his avid gun-shooting father, yet maintained a sour relationship with his mother.

He and his father, Huang, would often go to several gun ranges in order to test out several weapons.

At age five, after his father was confirmed to be K.I.A., Mao and his mother were driving home, while the rockets from Richtofen's Grand Scheme hit Shanghai, and killed off all of China's residents. His status is zombified.


• Along with Lena Astrid Schneider, he is the only child within the Zombies universe to be confirmed to be zombified.

• Guo Jiang was appointed his godfather.

• His favorite weapon was the AN-94.

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