Maria Melovski is an original character within the insane mind of ZombieRelish. She is known as the mother of Aleksandr Melovski.


Her life is mostly unknown other than she was born in 1887 as Maria Gregorovna Ivchenko, and married Feodor Melovski in 1908 at age of 21. Due to her name, it is hinted her father's name was Gregor. Her mother's name is unknown. On October 23, 1909, she gave birth to their first son, Nikolay Feodorovitch Melovski. Their second son, Aleksandr, was born in April of 1917. And their only daughter and last child, Matryona, was born two years later. She was apparently distant from her sons, yet maintained a decent relationship with her daughter. Despite the fact she got along well with Matryona, she had no favorite child, while Feodor's favorite was Alek.

She most likely died grief-stricken in 1962, for years after her husband died.