Paul GreenwoodEdit

Paul was born in 1849.

Lived his life as a farmer before he married Virginia Greenwood (nee Brody).


Was twenty-four when his first son, Jeremiah was born. One year later, his son, Daniel (nickname Danny) was born.

Over the years, he received three more sons: Winston Greenwood (b. 1880), Jonathan Greenwood (b. 1883), and Liam Greenwood (b. 1888).

Later LifeEdit

In 1894, his wife, Virginia, died giving birth to their first daughter, Elizabeth Greenwood. Hours later, Eli Greenwood followed tragically in her mother's footsteps. Determined, Paul packed up all the Greenwoods' belongings, and took his sons to Livingstone, Utah to live for the rest of their lives.

While in Livingstone, Paul Greenwood became the proud owner of a derelict candy shop, and asked his sons to help him maintain the store. Only Winston, Jonathan (nicknamed "Ash"), and Liam volunteered to work with him, as Denny, and Jeremiah left to find other jobs in Livingstone.

During the Greenwoods' time in Livingstone, Paul made several acquaintances, including Archibold Garrison, and Marcus Warbler.


Paul Greenwood was diagnosed with cancer of the prostate in 1902. He died less than a year later.

His son, Winston, had a two-year-old son at the time, and at hearing of his father's death, changed the child's name to Paul Marcel Greenwood, in his father's honor.