Roksana Melovski is a character unofficially apart of the Cod Zombie trilogy, known for being the wife of Aleksandr Melovski.

Early LifeEdit

Roksana Polina Feliksovna Dmitriyeva was born on August 22, 1919 to Feliks and Allochka Dmitriyeva. She attended school in Irkutsk, Siberia, Russia, where she would meet her future husband.

Marriage and FamilyEdit

Roksana reportedly met Aleksandr Melovksi when he was to attend the same class as her in 1933. She apparently met him while she was studying for one of her many examinations, and he offered to help. She was apparently fascinated by this "charming" boy with such a chivalrous and clean cut image. She most likely fell in love with him, yet he wanted to only maintain a solid friendship with her. They became good friends, and Roksana most likely seduced him while he once visited her in 1934. She became pregnant, and told Aleksandr that she was having his child. Realizing he was now obligated to having a child with her, they eloped in the summer of 1934. Not long after the marriage, Aleksandr realized that he loved Roksana, and decided to take her to Florence, Italy for their honeymoon. However, while there, Aleksandr experimented with alchohol for the first and supposedly last time, and unknowingly had an affair with a prostitute. As he sobered up, he went to confess to Roksana and tell her he loved her above all, although Roksana was rushed to the hospital, suffering a miscarriage.

Once Roksana recovered psychologically, Aleksandr confessed about the exmarital affair. This most likely caused small issues within the relationship. Although the couple were able to rekindle their love for each other, and returned to Russia. It would be a year or two before Roksana would find the confidence to bear another child.

On December 16, 1937, Roksana gave birth to their first daughter, Polina Aleksandrovna Melovski. Roksana liked her middle name, and wanted to pass it on to her first daughter.

On June 5, 1940, Roksana gave birth to their second and final child, Antonina "Nina" Aleksandrovna Melovski.

Later Life and DeathEdit

Roksana was grief-stricken once she heard her husband died in the Tsaritsyn crash in April 20, 1945. She never remarried, and did her best to take care of their daughters. She died September 30, 1952; seven years after her husband died. She was diagnosed with stomach cancer and psychological distress before she died.